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Sunday, October 1 through Sunday, December 31
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Sunday, October 1 through Sunday, December 31
2016 Bulletin Needs Input  (Information)
Members of the Underhill Society:

For the 2016 issue of the Society's publication, The Bulletin, it is planned to include reprints of interesting, historic and informational obituaries of the extended Underhill family.

If you have among your family documents an Underhill obituary that reflects historic, interesting or unique accomplishments, or life, the Underhill Society would be interested in looking at it, and possibly printing it in the upcoming Bulletin.

Such obituaries have historic value to expand the knowledge of the accomplishments and contributions made by our Underhill ancestors, and provide details of our lineage.

If you have such obituaries, please consider making them available to the Society. If you elect to do so, please provide any additional information you have on direct descendants, etc. Also, if you provide an obituary, you acknowledge and understand that it may be published in the Bulletin and you give your consent to such printing and publication of the obituary.

The Underhill family has an important place in American history, and this story is well told through the obituaries of members of the family. As editor of the Bulletin, I ask you to please consider giving serious consideration to this request, and to share interesting and historic obituaries with other members of the our Underhill family.

Please send any material to: Jay Tucker, 1033 Oleta Mill Trail, Hendersonville, NC 28792;

Thank you,

Jay Tucker
Editor, Underhill Publications

Sunday, October 1 through Sunday, December 31
Underhill Society of America Events Calendar  (Annual Meeting)
Throughout the United States and Canada, there are local and regional groups of Underhills who periodically hold social and other gatherings for family members.

The Underhill Society is planning to publish on its website,, and in its News & Views publication an annual Underhill Event Calendar. If you are the organizer of such events for local and regional groups, and would like them listed on the calendar, please contact Jay Tucker at or at (828) 685-2508.

This is a good way to let all Underhills in your area know of upcoming events.